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The World of the Beast was an Special Seed in Total Miner, similar to the Moon. It was added in the Version 1.5. The surface of the World of the Beasts was covered with blocks of Coal instead of Grass, and had Spider Eggs replacing Leaves.

The World of the Beast was accessed by entering 666 into the Map Seed when creating a new world. Entering a map with this seed previously would unlock the Diablo Avatar Skin, but has since been changed.


The world was filled with Lava instead of Water (excluding in underground caves); Sand is replaced by Carbon, Grass would be replaced by Coal, and the leaves of trees' would be replaced by Spider Eggs that would spawn Spiders, they still contained Wood as normal. The sky is also an eerie dark-red color.

Because of this, the World of the Beast would offer a great challenge; +the world was just like any other Dig-Deep map other disregarding the above changes.


  • Dan Steer, the creator of the Texture Pack, Pixville, said that he created his texture pack for the sole purpose of making the World of the Beast easier to see in and to comprehend.
  • The World of the Beast still included the original two Hells from standard Dig Deep maps.
  • Spiders will only spawn when the difficulty is not on Peaceful Mode.
  • Pine Leaves and Leaves did not exist in this world structure at all.
  • 666 is an unlucky and evil number according to the stories told in the Holy Bible this number is occasionally called the "Number of the Beast".


Total Miner Forge World of Beast (How to)

Total Miner Forge World of Beast (How to)

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