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Workbench block.

A Workbench is used for crafting materials that need a 3x3 grid of space. Workbenches can be made by using 4 Wood Plank in a 2x2 in your inventory craft or using another workbench. When used with LT (left trigger) the player gains access a 3x3 grid to make items with.

A workbench is easily one of the most important block in the game as it allows the player to craft essential recipes such as rope, chests, ladders, furnaces and all types of Tools.

Pressing the "Y" button while using a workbench will bring up a list of all current found Blueprints.

Selecting a blueprint will automatically arrange the materials on the grid, assuming all required materials are in your inventory. If not, a statement saying some materials missing will blink above the 3x3 grid.

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