Wood Plank

Wood Plank block.

Wooden Planks are a decorative block, crafted simply by using a wood block. Each piece of wood makes 4 wooden planks that can be used to make sticks, wooden tools, and wooden doors. You can sell these for around 10 gold pieces and you can buy them for 30 gold pieces.

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Wooden planks are vital to the game, as they can be used to make sticks, work benches, and the heads for wooden tools. They are often used as a burning material, and are often used as a basic construction block. It can be used as a component of a decorative block (Wood Veneers) by combining it with a single stick to one Wood Plank.

Wooden planks can be used as fuel for a Furnace, with a burn time of 20 seconds per unit.

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  • The doors can be sold for reasonable profit. Around 100-120 profit in gold pieces. The profit is even greater when starting with wood.
  • If you sell planks to a store at max price (which is 11 gold pieces), you can get five more coins per wood instead of selling the wood on it's own (11x4=44 gold pieces, wood=39 gold pieces).
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