IMG 0192

A naturally occurring lake in Total Miner.

Water is an environmental element in Total Miner. The water's surface in Total Miner is very opaque. Water is very similar to lava with the exception of the ability to swim in water. It is difficult to see what is under the water when looking into it. Likewise, when submerged, it is difficult to see the land around the body of water you are in.

Water can be transported and placed through the use of buckets. There is a limit to how much space a bucket of water will fill.

Creative flooding will be accessible in the 1.8 update.


IMG 0193

A view from underwater.

When swimming underwater you can drown. A blue bar appears that indicates the amount of air you have left. After the blue bar is completely depleted, your red health bar will start decreasing until you either surface for air or die. Pressing the jump button while underwater will make you rise to the surface.

IMG 0196

Red bar is health bar. Blue bar indicates how much air you have left.

Water PhysicsEdit

IMG 0194

"Can't Clear Might Flood" message displays when trying to destroy a block that is keeping water from flooding a large area.

In the 1.8 update, water and lava were modified to have creative flooding. They will flood the area continuously, but sometimes lag as it floods.

However, if you build a container of some sort, like a 4 wall building and fill it with water, and then try to destroy one of the walls, a message will appear saying "Can't Clear Might Flood".

Note: In the 1.8 update, flooding will be made possible in Total Miner.

Water WallsEdit

IMG 0197

An invincible structure made from water walls. The concrete bricks cannot be destroyed due to the "Can't Clear Might Flood".

This aspect of water can actually be used to make invincible water walls. To make a "water" wall simply build two 1 block-wide parralel walls with a space in between. Fill that space with water, and the two walls can't be destroyed due to "Can't Clear Might Flood" unless the area is small enough for water to fill. To destroy the wall you must remove the water from in between the walls. Water walls are very useful in splitscreen multiplayer, due to the fact that other players cannot destroy them.

Using MarkersEdit

You can use markers to clear out a Water filled structure, but its dimensions limit to 64x64x64.