Uranium Block.

Uranium is a decorative block in Total Miner. It costs 60,000 gold pieces to purchase and may be sold for 20,000 gold pieces. It is found at levels of 2,000-3,000 and is one of the rarest minerals in Total Miner behind only titanium.

Uranium is usually found around the bottom of the world, and has a green and grey color. It has been confirmed to be used as a block for increasing wireless signal emitters' range in the future 1.9 update.

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  • Due to uranium's dark appearance in the default texture pack, players can be easily mistaken by its texture as titanium or coal.
  • It requires a Diamond Pickaxe or better to mine.
  • It most often occurs in the marble layer and below.
  • Due to it's real-life in nuclear and radioactive bombs and missiles, it is speculated that uranium may find a similar use in game.
  • Uranium is one of the few blocks that are explosive resistant.

Real Life ApplicationEdit

  • In reality, uranium is radioactive element 92 in the periodic table. Uranium is used in nuclear reactors to produce energy for our electricity. Little Boy (the atomic bomb to be dropped on Nagasaki, Japan in WWII) contained uranium 235, an isotope of uranium, that can be triggered to cause a nuclear fission reaction (nuclear explosion).(Awaiting validation of this fact.)