Item Tomato32

A tomato

Tomatoes are a Consumable ingredient, used mainly in cooking Pizza, or for an extremely low health source.

It has a heal power of 3 points, meaning it would take 50 tomatoes to fully heal a player (skills off, out of 148 HP).


In-game description: "Tomato. I think we know what these are. Oh wait, did you know Tomato is a Fruit? If you eat a salad of tomatoes, avacado, capsicum, or chili peppers, you are in fact eating a fruit salad. Yes, I kid you not, really, it's true, I think..."


  • Cooking Pizza
  • General health restoration.

How to ObtainEdit

  • Break long grass until you recieve tomato seeds, then plant them on farmland next to water to grow tomatoes.
  • A Tomato can be purchased for 36 Item GoldPieces32 and sold for 30 Item GoldPieces32 at an Item Shop.
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