TM titanium carbide

Titanium Carbide

Titanium Carbide is a very expensive material at the Item Shop. Its appearance is a blueish-grey bar. It is made by smelting Titanium and Carbon in a Furnace.

Titanium Carbide costs 23,306 Gold Pieces to purchase, and can be sold for 19,422 Gold Pieces. It is used in crafting titanium tier tools, weapons, armor, and other related items which are the best tier in-game with few exceptions.


"An extremely hard titanium alloy. Fashioned in the furnace and used to create the ultimate pickaxe - the titanium tipped diamond pick axe."


Creating Titanium tier Armor

Creating Titanium tier Weapons

Creating the Titanium Pickaxe

Creating the Grenade Launcher

How To ObtainEdit

Smelting Titanium and Carbon in a Furnace, with Titanium in the first slot, and Carbon in the second slot. It will take approximately eight seconds each bar.