Total Miner Spiders

2 spiders in a cave

Spiders were the first mob added in Total Miner. They are a hostile aggressive mob that will attack the player on sight. If found underground, they most likely came from a Spider Egg. Spider eggs are usually located in cave systems near chests, or in the first hell.

If spawned via a SpiderEgg they will not de-spawn when day comes. However, if naturally spawned they will de-spawn with the rest of the mobs.

Spider Mob


Total Miner spiders act very different from Spiders in reality (i.e. they don't use their legs to move). They can only move by jumping (generally about 2-3 blocks high). They jump to change direction, or they leap a large distance to close the gap between the player and the Spider. A spider's movement is based off the player's.

Meaning that if the player runs, spiders will give chase covering long distances with each jump. Also, if the player moves slowly spiders will still follow.

There isn't much strategy to fighting them; just hit the Spider with whatever weapon possible, while moving around to avoid its attack. While moving it's best to move slowly, as they will take a little longer to jump and/or attack.

"Spider" Combat Levels

  • Combat 6
  • Health 14
  • Attack 10
  • Strength 5
  • Defense 1
  • Ranged 1

Trivia Edit

  • In an emergency, digging two squares down (or one square ducking) will provide safety. The player can either burrow through the floor/wall to avoid the spiders or safely harvest the Spider Egg. They can only be destroyed using a Diamond Spear or an explosive.
  • If the player has no Diamond weapons, spiders can be contained with a large cage.
  • Although tools will do little damage and break easily against spiders, they can knock spiders away while escaping. Making an effective, if not crude, defense while out mining.
  • They are 4 times bigger then a playable skin

Known Bugs Edit

  • If a spider mob is killed it may appear that the spider remains with an empty health bar. It can still chase and damage the player, unable to be killed. Also, if this bug occurs the player can walk through this "glitched" spider as if it is not there.


Spiders are a very popular aspect in YouTube videos on Total Miner. Below are some videos on Total Miner spiders! For more videos:


Lets be truthful, I think this was everyones reaction to seeing spiders for the first time

Total Miner Spiders

Total Miner Spiders

Total Miner Mobs- Epic Spider Battle!!!!

Total Miner Mobs- Epic Spider Battle!!!!

Total miner spider fight

Total miner spider fight