Smelting is the way through which you melt and cook (when the function is added) different foods and blocks in Total Miner. To smelt you must first craft a furnace, using 4 basalt in a 2x2 crafting grid will craft a furnace.

Smelting grid.

To access the furnace and its options, the player must have their crosshair on the furnace and pull the right trigger (RT) when in range with a frame on the furnace. This will make the smelting screen pop up, this consists of two fields for the materials that will be smelted, one for the fuel and one for the output material. There is a green and red bar, the green bar representing the time left for one of the material(s) to be smelted, and the red one representing how much longer the fuel will last (individual fuel, not the whole stack). Two players cannot open the same furnace at the same time and a message will pop-up stating that another player is using the furnace.

For the list of fuel and their duration, see fuel efficiency.

Smelting RecipesEdit

Name Materials Input~>Output Description
Iron Bar Iron Total Miner iron bar Iron bars are used to craft a variety of tools and items .
Steel Bar Iron Bar + Carbon Total Miner steel bar Steel bars are used to craf a variety of tools and items.
Gold Bar Gold Total Miner gold bar Gold bars are used as a material to craft locks.
Titanium Carbide Carbon + Titanium TM titanium carbide Titanium Carbides can be used to craft Titanium Pickaxes, as well as Grenade Launchers. It is also used for making titanium arrows, the best arrow that causes damage at a single point.
Glass Sand Total Miner glass Glass is transparent, it is therefore the block of choice for creating windows and transparent structures.
Clay bricks Clay Total Miner clay bricks Clay bricks are used as a decorative and building material.
Cooked Fish Raw fish Total Miner cooked fish It is unclear how much health cooked fish regenerates. It however regenerates more health than lamb chops, or duck meat
Cooked Lamb Chops Raw lamb chops Total Miner cooked lamb chops Just like cooked fish and cooked duck meat it is unclear how much health it regenerates. It regenerates more health than duck meat, but not cooked fish.
Cooked Duck Meat Raw duck meat Total Miner cooked duck meat Duck meat regenerates not as much health as lamb chop or fish.
Diamond Gem Stones Diamond ore Total Miner cooked diamond gem stones Used to craft various tools and weapons.
Ruby Gem Stones Ruby Total Miner cooked ruby gem stones Used to craft a Ruby-tipped Diamond pickaxe. It can also be used to create Ruby arrows.

Carbon + Flint

Total miner teflon smelting Teflon is the only block affected by gravity in Total Miner. It has no real purpose as of yet. It can also be crafted using the same combination of materials in a workbench.

Fuel EfficiencyEdit

Fuel Source Burn Time per Unit (seconds)


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