Wooden Shovel

Shovels are primarily used to easily dig up soft materials near the surface. Shovels are most effective when used to dig porous minerals like scoria, sand, and dirt. Mining or chopping wood with it is not recommended as it will take longer and cause it to deplete faster. Equally using it to attack enemies or other players is not recommended for the same reasons.

A shovel is crafted at a Workbench by placing a stick in the center square and lower center, then one unit of the desired material (e.g Steel) on the upper center, and central left and right squares.

Alternatively, shovels of various quality may be purchased from the Item Shop for varying amounts of gold depending on the quality.

Types of ShovelsEdit

  • Wooden ShovelGo to Wooden Shovel
  • Iron ShovelGo to Iron Shovel
  • Steel ShovelGo to Steel Shovel
  • Diamond ShovelGo to Diamond Shovel

List of Items/Blocks Easily Dug UpEdit