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Shields are a type of tool used for protecting yourself from hostiles such as spiders or other players. Shields are used by pressing the left trigger (LT) on your controller. There are wooden, iron, steel, and diamond shields, with wood being the weakest and diamond being the strongest.

Shields are crafted at a workbench, with a wooden plank on the center square, and then the desired material on the center left, right, upper and lower squares (displayed below). Shields may also be purchased from the Item Shop.

You may block a players' and spiders' attacks by swinging the shield in time to the attacks of your opponent. It may also be used in conjunction with a sword, pickaxe, hatchet, shovel, and spear with the shield in your left hand.

Types of ShieldsEdit

the 2 new shields added to total miner 2.0 are diamantium and titanium shields

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