Ruby Block.

A Ruby is a rare block that can be found at around 1400-2000 depth. Ruby Blocks can be bought at a Block Shop for approximately 7,800 gold pieces. It can be sold for 6,500 gold pieces at the block shop.

Description Edit

It's a Granite colored block with tiny unrefined rubies sticking out on each side, similar in design to a diamond block.

The blocks description read: "This rock contains ruby. Ruby gemstones can be extracted from this rock by smelting it in a furnace."

Uses Edit

Smelting a Ruby will create a Ruby Gemstone. The gemstone is needed to make a Ruby-Tipped Diamond PickaxeRuby Arrows, Spider Ring, Necklace Of Hypocrisy, and the Predator Amulet. Most of which are jewelery. 

Required Tool(s) Edit

  • The pickaxe required to mine this block is an Iron Pickaxe, or greater.

Skill Statistics Edit

  • Building Level Requirement: Level 32
  • Experience Per Use: 2.6 Exp.
  • Mining Level Requirement: Level 32
  • Experience Per Use: 2.6 Exp.


  • It may be wise to sell the rubies that you own to buy titanium if enough is found. A Titanium Pickaxe is stronger than a Ruby Pickaxe, a Ruby Pickaxe is one level higher than the Diamond Pickaxe, so on and so forth.
  • In reality, rubies are mined and used for jewelry once purified. It's unheard of to use in tools.