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Rope is a utility block that is used for ascending and descending in elevation. The length of a rope stretches 80 blocks down from the block it was attached to.

To break a rope, it must be destroyed from the top most segment.

WARNING: Do NOT place a rope that uncoils into lava, the lava will set fire to the rope and burn indefinitely if it does not reach the top most segment. This will cause extreme server lag.


In-game description: "Rope is more convenient than ladders for deep shafts. Place rope at the top, and it will uncoil downwards until it hits something or it's length runs out. Rope ascend and descend speed is quicker than ladders. Rope is also ideal to descend open spaces as it does not need to be attached to a solid block."


  • While Rope's primary purpose is for quick ascending or descending, it can also be used for decoration, for example, to make a structure hang off of another structure as if it was being suspended by the rope.
  • Rope can be used a fuel in a furnace, lasting 8 seconds per unit.

Material and Tool Efficiency[]

  • Material: Fibre
  • Resistance: 1500
  • Item Fist32.png It CAN be broken with your hands.
  • Item WoodPickaxe32.png Pickaxe Efficiency: 90%
  • Item WoodShovel32.png Shovel Efficiency: 80%
  • Item WoodHatchet32.png Hatchet Efficiency: 100%
  • Item WoodSword32.png Weapon Efficiency: 50%

How to Obtain[]

  • The blueprint for Rope can be found between depth 197 - 812 on Dig Deep.
  • Once the blueprint is found, Rope can be purchased from a Block Shop (Icon PC 32.png Utility section) for 141Item GoldPieces32.png and can be sold for 118Item GoldPieces32.png.
  • Rope is crafted with 3 Woven Leaves, straight down the middle of the crafting interface.

    A player walks towards some rope

Texture None64.png Texture WovenLeaves64.png Texture None64.png Texture None64.png Texture None64.png
Texture None64.png Texture WovenLeaves64.png Texture None64.png Item Rope32.png
Texture None64.png Texture WovenLeaves64.png Texture None64.png x1

Skill Statistics[]

  • Item SkillMining32.png Required Mining Level: 12
    • XP Gained:
  • Item SkillBuilding32.png Required Building Level: 12
    • XP Gained:
  • Item SkillCrafting32.png Required Crafting Level: 11
    • XP Gained:

Scripting Data[]

  • Item ID: Rope (block), RopeIcon (inventory)


  • Killing 50 enemies while on a rope will unlock the Cowboy avatar skin in Dig Deep or Survival.
  • Compared to ladders, the rope has a faster climbing speed. Rope costs less resources to climb up/down spaces (1 rope equals 80 ladders).
  • Rope can descend down to open spaces without the need for a block, which come in handy when attempting to descend down into a supercavern.
  • Crouching on a rope may cause the player to become stuck. Tapping the jump button may free the player if they are in an open space while on the rope.