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The Robotic Avatar Skin

The Robotic Avatar Skin Is a Exclusive Unlockable it consists of a robot with the ability to fly in all game-modes and by-pass fly permissions,

The unlockable is very rarely seen in most remote player's games, and has a very unique way of obtaining it.

It does not have the ability to fly inside no-fly zones

How to ObtainEdit

Unlike most avatar skins, the Robotic Avatar Skin cannot be unlocked in-game. and can only be unlocked by accessing the internet and visiting the Official Total Miner Forums and entering a competition where the reward is the Robotic Avatar Skin.

Also official testers of the game get given the robotic avatar after they have proven themselves.

Contests Edit

Contests are hosted by regular community members after they have gotten Craigs permission to host a offical contest.

A suggestion will likeley be ignored unless it is well thought out and do not require to much effort for the developers, Anything using a voting system or requires players opinions are not a good idea, as proven in past contests.

Most Recent Contests

  • Twiter Contest (Random)
  • FaceBook Contest (Random)
  • Screen-Shot Contest (3 Given to best pictures for use on the XBL market)
  • Hunger-Games Contest
  • War Of Worlds Contest (Players Compared worlds and have them voted by the community)


  • The Zeus Avatar Skin, Arch-Angel Avatar, and this skin are the only skins that can fly in all game-modes

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