Peaceful Mode is a difficulty in Total Miner where danger is not imminent.

Switching to Peaceful Mode is fairly simple. You must first be either an admin or the host of the game. Then, navigate the paused menu and select the Game options category. There should be a toggle for the difficulty of the game. There are two difficulty levels, Peaceful and Normal. Legendary is a difficulty level only set during world creation.


  • The player can not take damage by any means.
  • You have no health bar or oxygen bar/breath bar when underwater.
  • Spiders and other aggressive mobs (when added) will not spawn, however existing/spawned spiders will remain to be harmless toward any player.
  • Cave-ins will not occur.
  • Remember Peaceful Mode can be changed to normal difficulty by the host of the game at any time and anywhere when no emenies are near.


  • Spiders bite you and make the bite noise, however they obviously deal no damage.
  • Although the health-bar is removed it can still be seen above other player's heads.