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The Madman Avatar Skin

The Madman Avatar Skin is only unlockable in the Dig Deep game mode in Total Miner. One must detonate 500 C4 or TNT via torch or any other means of setting of the explosives to unlock the Madman Avatar Skin.

Note: This avatar skin is only unlocked in Dig Deep, and if it's not on Peaceful Mode.

The Madman Avatar Skin consist of a man wearing dark blue, slightly torn suspenders and brown overalls. He has a hockey mask and somewhat resembles Jason Voorhees and Rick Taylor from Splatterhouse (Friday the 13th)*.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

The default text for the Madman Avatar Skin when it is placed by a NPC block block is "I Think I Will Eat You."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Since TNT cost less than C4 if you really want to get this avatar, go with TNT.

*It is debatable which character it is meant to resemble as Jason Voorhees was created first and is much more well known from the television show, "Friday the 13th", whereas the developers of Total Miner may have been influenced to create the avatar skin if they had played Splatterhouse.

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