Locked Chest

A Locked Chest Block.

The Locked Chest shares similar looks and purpose as a standard chest, but features the ability to be locked and being accessible to the player who had placed the chest, or to those who have the correct key.

A Locked Chest can be purchased for 4381 Gold Pieces, and sold for 3651 Gold Pieces at the Block Shop.

Description Edit

"Locked Chests can only be opened by the player that placed them."

Uses Edit

A Secure storage block

Required Tool(s) Edit

How To ObtainEdit

The Locked Chest is crafted using 8 Steel Bars in all slots excluding the 5th slot, where the Lock is used instead.

How it worksEdit

Simply place a Locked Chest and it will automatically be assigned to you, meaning that you can open the Locked Chest without requiring a key.

To assign a key, the initial player who had placed the Locked Chest must prospect it and choose "Set Key". From there, a player can set a key similar to setting a texture*.

*Setting a key does not change the texture of the Locked Chest.


  • These chests will be locked to the player that had placed them, or (if assigned), by a key.
  • Only the player that had placed the Locked Chest can open and destroy them, however players with the Admin permission can destroy them, and players with a Skeleton Key or corresponding key can open them.

Skill StatisticsEdit