Leaves Block.

Leaves are a common solid block grown from deciduous trees. Leaves are mainly located at the top half of every tree. They can be used to craft woven leaves.

You can purchases leaves for 14 gold pieces each and sell them for 12 gold piece.

Description Edit

"Leaves grow on trees, unlike money. Leaves will die if their tree is chopped down."

Uses Edit

Crafting Woven Leaves.

How To Obtain Edit

Found occasionally on trees. Always found on trees with Birch Wood.

Skill Statistics Edit


  • There are currently three types of leaves, Leaves, Pine Leaves, and Maple Leaves; each coming from different shaped trees to represent what their trees would look like in real life (e.g. a pine tree).
  • Leaves will die if the tree they are grown from has been stripped of its Wood.