pool of lava

Lava is a hazardous liquid found deep underground in Dig Deep. It is most abundant within Hell. In

Creative Mode, lava is bought in the Item store and contained in a bucket as "Bucket of Lava." The

surface can be filled with lava along with water also in Creative Mode.

Creative flooding was added in the 1.8 update, so lava will flood similarly to water does.


Lava generates light, and can be stored within buckets and can be used as a fuel for Furnaces. It has the second longest burn time, being 30 seconds per unit, bested by coals' 60 seconds per unit.

If a player falls into lava, the player swiftly loses health. Lava is often used by gamers as a extreme way to tell other players to not mess with there stuff or it can be used to make a trap for spiders to fall into before steel spikes came to Total Miner.

Players cannot place items such as torches and ladders on sides of blocks that are covered by lava. Unlike water, players cannot swim in lava.

Lava will tend to spread to open blocks adjacent to the pool evenly. Water also shares this characteristic. When lava reaches to an area covered by water, the lava will not coincide the water and substantially stop before reaching the water as if it were a solid block. This technique can be use to created creative textures and displays for Creative Mode.


  • Lava can be hidden by water placed above the lava. This can be made as a trap to confuse players that the lava cannot be seen below the water.
  • Lava can also be used in buildings by placing it between glass and another block. Note that lava is not a solid and can be seen through.
  • You can clear out lava by using markers. (Needs verification if possible.)
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