Ladders are used as transportation when a player wants to move up and down safely. They must be placed against solid blocks for it to be used.

Ladders are not solid, defining that ladders will not block a player's path while walking though it.

Ladders can only be constructed at a workbench with 7 sticks, arranged as the letter "H" to result 4 ladders. They can also be purchased at the Block Shop for 70 gold pieces each.

Howto craft ladders

How to craft ladders.


  • Using ropes instead of ladders will greatly reduce the amount of resources required for ladders. See Rope for more information.
  • To use ladders efficiently, place ladders every other block vertically. This will significantly reduce the quantum (amount) of ladders place each block, by half.
  • Leaving two consecutive spaces between ladders will require the player to jump from each ladder to the next, however saving a 2/3 amount of ladders than placing ladder on each block.
  • Ladders may cause a glitch/bug where the player is stuck in a block.