Item Shop

Item Shop Block.

The Item Shop is where you can buy items using gold pieces. When you first start the game, not all of the items are unlocked (This only counts for Dig Deep Mode).

To unlock items, you must find the blueprints for the object you want to buy. Just keep in mind that this is a shop. and the price of shop items can change at random.

Originally there was depth limit of 200 to judge how deep you could take the Item Shop and the Block Shop. However, this could be ignored (as a glitch/game exploit) by simply closing the message telling you that you couldn't take it with you. The player could simply continue moving with the block in their inventory. The 1.8 update allows the user to economize shop meaning players can make profit off from other players.

The Item Shop is crafted by the following from top left to bottom right: Wooden Hatchet + Iron Pickaxe + Steel Shovel + Iron + Steel Bar + Gold Bar + Gold Piece + Wood Planks + Chest.

In Survival Game Mode, the Item Shop sells only raw food and Wooden Pickaxes.

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