InvaderMan Avatar Skin

The Invader Man Avatar Skin looks very similar to the Total Invaders texture on the Arcade Machine block. It can be unlocked in all game modes, game types, and difficulties.

To unlock it you must score 20,000 or more in one life in the Total Invaders arcade block game, which is considerably difficult because of the speed of enemies moving and shooting in the Total Invaders game. It can alternatively be unlocked by scoring 1,750,000 or more points in one life on the Total Rush arcade block game. To play a game simply insert one or more Gold Pieces into the corresponding game on a Arcade Machine block and press Icon Xbox360 32.png IconButtonA.png / Icon PC 32.png [RMB or Hand not holding Gold Pieces].

The Avatar Skin's body looks like the screen from the Total Invaders Block, and its head is made to look like an enlarged enemy from the original Space Invaders arcade game.

Requirements to Unlock[edit | edit source]

Preform one of the following requirements using the Arcade Machine:

  • Score at least 20,000 points on Total Invaders.


  • Score at least 1,750,000 points on Total Rush.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

The default text for the InvaderMan Avatar Skin when it is placed by a NPC block block is "beep beeeep beep beep beeeeeep".

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Invader Man Avatar Skin is bald when looking behind him.
  • There's a badge called "Total miner Champion" that can be earned on this wiki (make 100 edits on articles).

Hint[edit | edit source]

If you hit the start button, you can pause the either game in the Arcade Machine block even in an online game. So, you can pause it to rest and continue when you want.

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