The Grenade Launcher is a explosive weapon that shoots grenades creating a large blast radius that does very high damage. Players must carry grenades on their opposite hand to fire the Grenade Launcher.

A shot from a Grenade Launcher can lower any player's health by 50-75% of health when shot directly at. A second shot from it will kill the player instantly, same goes with any living things (including NPCs and spiders) shot at twice. Spider Egg's can be destroyed by Grenade Launchers, contrary to popular belief.

How to ObtainEdit

Total Miner nade launcher

How to Craft a Grenade Launcher

The blueprint for the Grenade Launcher is found on the bottom level of bedrock in a tower called the Nexus in Dig Deep. To craft a Grenade Launcher you need 6 steel bars filling the left and right columns, 2 Titanium Carbide placed on the top and bottom the center slot, and 1 flint at the center.

You can buy the Grenade Launcher from the Item Shop for 58,513 gold pieces.