Grassy Stone

Grassy Stone Block.

Grassy Stones consists of large flat stones set in grass, used for pavements and decoration. Grassy stone is abundant at the surface in a random generated Dig Deep world.

It is decorative, and is used as paths in many player's creations and towns.

Description Edit

Large flat stones set in grass. Naturally occuring, they can be used for pavements and decoration.

Uses Edit


Required Tool(s) Edit

Pickaxe has the best efficiency, pickaxe is recommended.

How To Obtain Edit

Naturally occuring on the surface.

Skill Stats:                                                   Material: Wood Edit

Use Req:     Building 3                                Resistance:            1800

Use XP:       1.15                                         Pick Efficiency:       100%

Mining Req: Level 3                                    Shovel Efficiency:   50%

Mining XP:   2.0                                           Hatchet Efficiency: 50%

                                                                    Weapon Efficiency: 30%


  • There is currently no purpose of this block rather than decoration.