Glass Box.

Glass is a solid block that has transparency. Its main use is for making windows and constructing glass walls. It currently has no crafting applications.

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Glass can be made by smelting sand in a furnace, assuming that the furnace has a source of fuel. It can be bought at the Block Shop for 100 gold pieces and it sells for about 39 gold pieces.

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  • Glass can be used to improve your home by allowing natural light inside easily and providing a view of the surrounding area.
  • Glass is exceedingly easy to break, being broken by a pickaxe in between 1-2 hits. This can make large scale construction awkward, as it is easy to break the glass, and due to its' transparency. It can be difficult to spot gaps.
  • It is not found naturally.
  • In Creative Mode it is one of the few blocks that cannot be chosen as a filler using markers.
  • Glass can be used for aquariums either filled with water or lava.