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A Furnace Block

The Furnace is a block used to smelt ores or to cook raw food and ingredients to make recipes. It is required to smelt bars which are used to make a variety of tools and as such the furnace is a vital piece of equipment.

Furnaces can be crafted by placing four pieces of basalt adjacent to one another while in the inventory or workbench crafting interface.

As of update 2.0, furnaces can smelt 3 materials instead of 2 and now have easy smelt.

Fuels for the fire include coal, wooden planks, sticks, buckets of lava, and uranium.

Description Edit

In-game description: "Use furnaces to smelt a variety of items into other forms."

Uses Edit

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    The Furnace Interface

    The furnace is quite a useful block, as you can smelt specific blocks into other blocks (i.e. Clay into Bricks), cook and prepare food, melt ores into gems and ingots, and more.

Required Tool(s) Edit

How to Obtain Edit

  • A furnace can be bought from the block shop for 122GoldPieces32 and sold for 102GoldPieces32.
  • The furnace is crafted from 4 basalt in a two by two pattern.
Workbench or Inv.
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Skill Statistics Edit

  • Required Mining Level: 8
  • Required Building Level: 8
  • Required Crafting Level: 8


  • Before Update 1.8 introduced basalt mountains on the surface, the furnace was moderately hard to get without the use of a shop. The player had to mine down almost 400 blocks just to mine the basalt required to make a furnace.

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