Fluorite Block.

Fluorite can be found deep underground. The block can be found on all map modes (Dig Deep, Creative and Survival). It can be bought in a Block Shop for approximately 192 gold pieces, and can be sold for around 160 gold pieces.

Description Edit

One of the more uniquely styled blocks, it has the appearance of square shaped 'crystals' just like the actual mineral. The colors vary from dark greens, to teal, blue, and dark gray.

The block's description reads: "Fluorite is a colorful mineral, both in visible light and often under ultraviolet, and the stone has ornamental and lapidary uses. Fluorite is a mineral form of Fluorine."

Uses Edit

The one and only use, outside of building, that is possesses is one of the ingredients in making Teflon. Which is created by combining Carbon and Fluorite in a furnace. This process yields approximately 1.35 Smelting experience per block (and requires level 7 smelting skill to create).

Required Tool(s) Edit

  • The pickaxe required to mine this block is a Wood Pickaxe, or greater.
  • The Shovel required to mine this block is a Wood Shovel, or greater.

How To Obtain Edit

Fluorite is typically found deep underground from the first level of Hell down. But has been seen as far up as Limestone. Usually found in semi-large veins, it has a distinct appearance on a players Mini-Map.

Skill Statistics Edit

  • Building Level Requirement: Level 12
  • Experience Per Use: 1.6 Exp.
  • Mining Level Requirement: Level 11
  • Experience Per Use: 1.55 Exp.