A Dirt Block.

Dirt is a common block usually found on the surface underneath a blanket of Grass blocks.

Saplings can be planted on dirt, along with other Earth materials. Dirt can also be tilled into Tilled Earth, which in turn can be used to farm different crops.

Description Edit

"Dirt is a natural body composed of particles of broken rocks that have been altered by chemical and environmental processes that include weathering and erosion."

Uses Edit

Material and Tool EfficiencyEdit

Material: Earth

Resistance: 1600

Pickaxe Efficiency 75%

Shovel Efficiency 100%

Hatchet Efficiency 50%

Weapon Efficiency 30%

How To Obtain Edit

  • Found often just under the first layer blocks in Semi-Alpine and Grasslands biomes, along with the "Natural" set for Flat worlds.
  • Found randomly together in the Desert biome, generating similar to ores or Scoria; it can also always be found under Saplings near lakes.

Skill Statistics Edit

Building Level Requirement: Level 1

Experience Per Use: 1.05 Exp.

Mining Level Requirement: Level 1

Experience Per Use: 1.7 Exp.


  • Dirt used to be able to become a Grass block when exposed to sun light, however this was changed.
  • Cannot be found if the world type is Flat excluding if the preset is Dirt or "Natural"