For the gemstone, see Diamond Gemstone

Diamond Block.

Diamonds are a rare and expensive Blocks that are gray stone color and with a blue Diamond Gemstone in the stone when using the default texture pack. Diamonds can be found from around 700 depth right down to 2014 depth. It can be purchased for around 7,000 gold pieces in the Block Shop. It can be mined with a Steel Pickaxe. But the higher the level of skill in Mining, the better the pickax, therefore the faster it can be mined.

Diamonds are impervious to any explosive (e.g. TNT, C4, Grenade Launcher) like many other Blocks. However, the block rhyolite is much cheaper and more effective for deterring Explosives.

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Diamonds can be smelted in a Furnace to extract one Diamond Gemstone per block. Diamond Gemstone's are considered one of the most valuable resources in the game. Due to the fact that you can destroy spider eggs with a Diamond Sword or Diamond Spear, harvest materials faster with Diamond (Disambiguation) tipped tools, and have tendency of having a longer lasting materials.

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  • In reality, diamond is the toughest known substance. Diamond is a very compact material consisting of pure Carbon found in deep compressed depths.