Crop Wheat GIF

A Wheat Crop

Crops are vegetation that are usually planted by the player. Crops must be grown on farmland that is adjacent to water. Some crops are grown with their produce, while others are grown with their own seeds. Crops each have 6 stages of growth, which can be advanced by one stage with bone meal.

There are currently five crops in Total Miner:

Crop Image Produce
Item Wheat32 Wheat Crop Wheat GIF
Item Tomato32 Tomato Crop Tomato64 GIF
Item CornCobb32 Corn Cobb Crop Corn64 GIF
Item Potato32 Potato Crop Potato GIF
Item Sugar32 Sugar Cane Crop SugarCane GIF


  • The produce of crops are quite useful in the preperation of several foods, including high-healing Potato Pie, making crops a great way to keep your health at safe levels.

How to ObtainEdit

  1. Start of by crafting a hoe, then tilling farmland by hitting a Grass block or dirt with the hoe.
  2. Place water adjacent to the farmland.
  3. Collect seeds by breaking long grass, then plant them on the farmland.
  4. Either wait an in-game day or two to let them grow fully, or use bone meal to advance the crop's growth.
  5. Harvest your produce! Using a scythe is recommened for best results.
  • After collecting at least one seed from breaking long grass, you can purchase that seed in the item shop.
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