Coal Block.

Coal is a mineral used mainly to craft torches and as fuel in a furnace.

How to ObtainEdit

Coal is most abundantly found in caves at almost any depth, excluding below 1250 depth. If you are not much of a cave crawler, do not worry, they are purchasable in the Item Shop for around 50 gold pieces and you can sell them for around 18.


  • Coal is mainly used to craft torches with one stick below one block of coal to result 4 torches. Torches can be crafted without a workbench, since it only takes two slots two craft. Torches is used for lighting in both homes and caves.
  • Coal can also be used for fuel in the furnace. It currently holds as the longest burn time, representing 60 seconds per unit.


  • If a world is created using map seed 666, the supposed dirt blocks on the surface in a random generated seed are replaced with coal. See also: Map Seed#Map Seeds
  • Coal in reality is mined and can be used to provide electricity. Coal is also a natural mineral formed by layers of decomposing organisms after millions of years.