Clay64 PNG

A Clay Block

Clay is commonly found just a few of blocks below Dirt.

Description Edit

  • In-game description: "Clay is a naturally occurring aluminium silicate composed primarily of fine-grained minerals. Clay is often put into a furnace to make bricks and pottery."

Uses Edit

Required Tool(s) Edit

  • While any tool can mine clay, a pickaxe will break it the quickest.

How to Obtain Edit

  • Just dig down a few blocks from the surface and it's right there.
  • The depth for clay in Dig Deep is around 68 to around 310.
  • It can be bought at the Block Shop for 7GoldPieces32, and can be sold for 6GoldPieces32.

Skill Statistics Edit

  • Required Mining Level: 1
    • Mining XP: 1.6
  • Required Building Level: 1
    • Use XP: 1.05
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