Buckets are used to pick up lava or water to place it elsewhere. Once placing the liquid contained from the bucket at the desired height, it forms a flat pond of water/lava. You can always pick up another bucket of the desired liquid by filling the bucket from a pond using the left trigger (LT). Water and lava are not lost upon filling the bucket.

Buckets can be purchased at an item shop for 1000 gold pieces each or obtained by killing a spider. Only buckets with water or lava can be purchased in Creative Mode. You could also sell them in the item shop for around 326 gold pieces with or without water or lava.

A bucket of lava may be used as a fuel at a Furnace, with a burn time of 30 seconds, but will be the cost of losing the bucket.

Buckets are crafted at a Workbench with 3 steel bars to make a bucket once the blueprint is obtained.

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