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The Block Shop

The Block Shop is where you can buy blocks for gold pieces.

You can only purchase blocks that you have already unlocked. You unlock blocks by locating and picking up the blueprint for them. Another way to unlock a block is to prospect it or just mine it.

Originally, there was a limit (to depth 200) on where you could bring Item Shops or Block Shops, however (as a glitch/game exploit) you could simply ignore the message telling you about the limit and continue moving with the shop blocks still in your inventory.

The Block Shop and the Item Shop have a blueprint collectable in all game modes, but in Normal or Peaceful, you are able to craft it from the start.

  • The buy price of a block is the sell price of the block + 20%. For example: Brown sells for 20Item GoldPieces32, 20% of 20 is 4. 20 + 4 = 24Item GoldPieces32, which is the buying price.

You can view the block shop's inventory here.

Description Edit

In-game description: "Best prices in town! Shops can be transported around the surface but cannot be taken deep underground."

Uses Edit

  • It is used to buy and sell blocks...

Required Tool(s) Edit

  • Any tool can mine a block shop.

How to Obtain Edit

Texture Iron64 Texture Diamond64 Texture Flint64 Texture None64 Texture None64
Texture Coal64 Texture Carbon64 Texture Gold64 Texture BlockShop64
Item GoldPieces32 Texture WoodPlanks64 Texture Chest64-1 x1

Skill Statistics Edit

  • Required Mining Level: 1
  • Required Building Level: 1
  • Required Crafting Level: 58


  • Before the 1.8 update, block shops are found that if a block sells for its maximum price, other blocks will sell around it's maximum price too.
  • It is possible to obtain the block shop as a drop from the Spider mob.
  • When playing on Legendary mode, you do not start with any shops. However, later on, at a random depth, it is possible to find the blueprints for both shops, in order to create them, and retain their use later on in the game.
  • Before the 1.8 update, the shops both generated at the spawn point, on top of a 5x3x1 Granite platform.

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